Hope + Lutheran + Church

a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

35 Ridge Avenue Homer City, Pennsylvania

Find Hope Where?

About Our Logo...

Let's be honest for a moment. Our congregation's name is Hope Lutheran Church, yes, but if we are going to be worth our salt as disciples of Jesus, our mission is not to point to ourselves, but to Jesus

That's really what we mean at Hope Lutheran by saying "find hope here." The words are placed around the cross, because most basically, that's where we do find hope:  around the cross of Jesus.  We have found grace--or more truthfully, grace has found us--in the midst of suffering and brokenness.  We have found that the living God meets us most deeply and most definitively in God's own suffering for the world in the death of Jesus.  We have found that there is hope to be spoken and heard, and the promise of a broken world being mended, because Jesus has taken our own brokenness into his own life--and into God's own life.  God has come to us, to the world in all its messiness and need, in the cross and empty tomb of Jesus.  And as God has met us in the cross, we have found hope... for this day, for tomorrow, and for the third day. 

What we get to do, as a congregation of Jesus' followers, is to point there, to the Good News that God has taken the initiative to mend a broken universe by entering into its brokenness and taking hold of us with a love that goes through death for us rather than let us go.  We get to point to the new order of things that God has brought about through Jesus called the Reign of God, where hope enfolds this whole groaning creation, because the Spirit groans alongside of it, and us. 

That's what our logo is about.

Find hope here, we say--here, at the cross of Christ, where God has come to embrace the world with nail-marked hands.  Come, find hope... here. + + +